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How to Sign Up?

We accept sign-ups online, my mail, by phone, and in-person at any time provided there is available space in a class. All new registrants must complete a Waiver Release Form, signed and dated by both parents/guardians. More information can found on the Policies page.

Is any Past Experience Required?

Absolutely not! We offer recreational gymnastic, cheer and tumbling classes in a noncompetitive athletic environment, which allows children of all ages to improve strength, flexibility and motor skills in a friendly and exciting way with steady positive reinforcement and no pressure.

Which Gymnastic Class is Right for My Child?

For preschool through Kindergarten, we offer 4 different classes based on your child's age and level of independence. For school-age gymnastics we offer 5 different progressive classes starting at the introductory level. If your child has experience beyond the introductory level, please call us to schedule a free skills evaluation to determine the correct gymnastic class placement.

What is the Cost of Tuition?

Rates are published on our School Year Schedule and Summer Schedule pages. Our tuition rate per hour is comparable or lower-cost than other quality programs. We are proud to offer affordability without sacrificing quality.

Are There Any Other Costs?

We charge a non-refundable $40 annual membership fee per child that pays for non-teaching costs and insurance. There are no other costs or groups to join. Our annual membership fee is renewed each September. If joining during the summer, the annual fee is pro-rated.

What Sets UPGC Gymnastics Apart?

  • Technical Expertise. We are committed to the highest standards of the sport. Your child will learn the correct progression of skills without short-cuts. We have the experience and expertise to guide your child through difficult skills.

  • Professional Knowledge. We keep up with the ever-changing world of gymnastic trends, techniques, and rules so we can properly train gymnasts at all levels, preschool through elite.

  • Equipment. We have the most complete set of gymnastics and cheer equipment in the area along with a custom-built, state-of-the-art facility that is over 21,000 sq. ft.

  • Coaching. Our coaches are experienced, incredibly versatile and knowledgeable. They attend professional development and use the latest cutting edge techniques to train gymnasts.

  • Programs. We provide a sound, educationally-researched product that follows national guidelines, and we carefully plan our instruction to yield the greatest outcomes. We have something for everyone, from recreational to higher level gymnastics.

  • Safety first. We clean and regularly inspect all gym equipment, and require national safety certification and employment background checks for coaching staff.

  • Variety. We have spring and air trampolines, springy floors, soft pits, climbing ropes, high and low beams, bars of every size, mats of every shape, and tons of teaching tools that will engage and thrill your child!

  • Fun. Enjoyment is essential to keeping children motivated and goal-focused. Our staff works hard to make each class entertaining, memorable, and fun!

  • Quality. Our motto has always been "Raising the bar for quality." We set the highest standards for everything that we do and are committed to providing the finest and most rewarding learning experience for your child!

How Popular is Gymnastics?

There are over 5 million gymnastics participants (6 years old and older) in the United States and over 4,000 clubs. This does not even include programs that are offered to younger children, such as You and Me Kid or KinderGym offered through Ultimate Performance Gymnastics and Cheer.

How Popular is All Star Cheerleading?

UPGC offers All Star Cheer, which is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics and athletic dance performed by competitive teams. All Star Cheer is among the fastest growing new sports in the world, growing by double digits each year. According to a report published by CNN, more than 200,000 athletes in the U.S. take part in competitive cheerleading each year, which includes high-flying stunts, powerful tumbling and tight synchronization in a growing network of competitions. All Star Cheerleading has gained in popularity to the point that certain colleges now offer All Star Cheer scholarships!