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Team UP, our competitive program, includes our pre-competitive Stars programs, Junior Olympic and Xcel teams. Participation leads to state, regional and national competition, and ultimately to college competition and beyond. We are always looking for children who love gymnastics and are interested in being part of our team program!

Ultimate Performance Gymnastics and Cheer is the only gymnastics center in the Chippewa Valley to compete within the USAG circuit, the official sanctioning body and the top-tier of gymnastics in the U.S. Team UP is a year-round commitment open to gymnasts who have advanced through our progressive or pre-competitive programs and who have the desire to join a competitive team.

At UPGC, gymnasts can start competing at Level 3. We do not compete children at Levels 1 and 2 for the following reasons:

  1. Levels 1-2 were not designed to be part of competition, but rather to help gymnasts develop into strong competitors once they reach the skill level 3 or 4 in the Junior Olympic program. We have incorporated all the skills in Level 1-2 and more into our progressive class program.
  2. Competing at Levels 1-2 takes time away from acquiring more skills, strength and flexibility. If gymnasts are spending much of their time working on the same skills and compulsory routines at these levels, their overall progress as a gymnast will be much slower.

At UPGC we never push our class students into competition to have a larger team. We develop athletes who truly want to compete! Gymnastics is an awesome sport no matter what the goals of the students are, be it recreational or competitive. If we feel your child is ready for pre-team or team we will lay out all the options and let you decide. No PRESSURE!

Junior Olympic Team
The compulsory levels (1-5) focus on physical and mental preparation for the USAG compulsory routines. The optional levels (6-10), focus on each individual gymnast's personal goals within a team atmosphere. Each level has specific requirements and movement standards that each gymnast will need to perform consistently in order for success. We help all gymnasts perform to our high standard of technical quality.

Xcel Team
Xcel, formerly known as Prep-Optional, is a national program with uniform rules and guidelines that provides an affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Junior Olympic Program. Xcel offers the same team experience traveling to meets, earning awards and making lifelong friendships. However, Xcel is more flexible, less demanding and more affordable than JO. It's great for gymnasts who also do other sports or who love competitive gymnastics but do not want to commit the time necessary to compete in the Junior Olympic program. Optional routines are choreographed for each gymnast which is excellent preparation for high school gymnastics. There are 5 levels within the Xcel program, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Xcel is great for athletes who want to:

  • Compete as a gymnast while doing other sports or activities
  • Continue with competitive gymnastics with lowered cost and time
  • Focus on the skills that are the gymnast's greatest strengths.
  • Eventually join their high school gymnastics team
  • Compete against a wide variety of athletes with similar ability levels

USAG Xcel Silver Wisconsin State Champs

T - Teamwork : Collaboration, cooperation, joint effort.
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. ~ Michael Jordan

E - Excellence : Distinction, prominence, achievement.
Excellence stretches itself. And although it may not always achieve its goals, it always outperforms mediocrity. ~ Deborah Cole Mice

A - Attitude : Character, perseverance, work ethic.
Right attitudes produce right actions. ~ William J. Johnson

M - Motivation : Desire, drive, inspiration.
Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. ~ Lo Hotly

U - Unlimited : Boundless, full-blown, wide-open, all-out.
We are only limited by the way we think. Open up the floodgates of your mind and allow for the overflow. ~ Peter J.

P - Potential : Promise, unrealized possibilities.
Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential. ~ Winston Churchill

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We accept all major credit cards and payment methods!