Excited to watch the next generation of superstars!

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon in the Pure Water Days Parade in Chippewa Falls. Once again our athletes tumbled, stunted and danced their way down Bridge Street! Thanks to Tajlan LaRue and Bella Gente Photography for the great photos!

Coach Lisa & Chloe having some fun @ USAG National Congress in Anaheim, CA!

These ladies had a cool opportunity to work with Olympic coach Al Fong on Sunday at Scamps Gymnastics in Kenosha! I love that Wisconsin USAG is offering these opportunities for our gymnasts!!

Our competitive gymnastics and cheer teams (Team UP and CV Spirit) tumbled, danced and stunted their way through the Bloomer Parade Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect day for a parade! We know gymnastics and cheer...join our family today! Photo credits to Bella Gente Photography!

Olivia, on 🔥!

Have you been WONDERing what CV Spirit's #SUPER7 is all about? This is our 7th season and we know it's going to be full of superhero strength and excitement! Don't watch us, join us! #SUPER7 #cvspirit #newpracticewear #thebestisyettocome #strength #parody