What is your healthy snack for the middle of practice or before class! Share your child's favorite healthy snack here!

Off to USAG Region 4 Congress! Always learning to bring it back to the athletes!

All the Stars were spectacular tonight!!

Our 1st day of Better, Faster, Stronger for our cheer teams started today! There is still time to enroll your athlete in our Tuesday/Thursday morning class that starts next week. This class is for any athlete, in any sport, who want to gain that competitive edge!

Better, Faster, Stronger starts in just 1 week! Get your athlete out of the house and off his or her device! This summer fitness and conditioning class is for all athletes/all sports, focusing on improving strength, flexibility, speed and physical wellness through conditioning, speed training, plyometrics, dynamics of running and core strengthening. The class, coached by Jason Krista, runs Tue. and Thurs. mornings from 8:00-9:00a for 9 weeks and is sure to make a difference for your athlete! Training begins on June 12th, register today! http://www.teamupgym.com/fitness.html?Summer
Ninja Warrior, Super Hero and Fitness Classes at Ultimate Performance Gymnastics and Cheer

These two are on 🔥! Bella & Lillian!

Another one on 🔥! Way to go, Izzy!